Why do they all lie?

Why do they all lie?

"They're cheating" or "It's too expensive." Such comments can often be found for many companies, and not only in the field of appliance repair. Why do such situations occur and is the appliance repair market really full of overpriced offers?

We want to tell you the main reason for these situations. Few people think about pricing and what exactly the client pays money for. At first glance, the answer is obvious - a technician comes and does the work and why there is a reason to think about else. But if you think about this topic, then there are many derivative points that few people take into account.

The most valuable resource is time. Time costs are considered not only those that the technician spent near the unit when he was doing the repairs, but in fact, they start from the moment when he visits the client. He spends 20 minutes on the road, makes diagnostics for 30 minutes, then, according to the diagram, chooses parts for 20 minutes, and only if the parts are in his track, the installation can take 20-90 minutes, and if the parts are special, then he needs to return a second time to the dispatcher to spend about 30 minutes waiting on the line to order parts. Thus, the total repair time for one upline can take from 90 to 160 minutes.

Naturally, the above process entails a number of costs.

For example:

- Yelp advertising for one call can cost the company $ 40- $ 60

- gasoline $ 3 (taking into account that the technician does not have to go for additional parts)

- insurance $ 8

- license $ 1

- car depreciation $ 4

- call center $ 22

- payment for the technician $ 22 per hour

But we gave an example of only basic expenses so that our clients have the opportunity to be aware of what exactly they are paying for. Thus, we would like to emphasize once again that by setting a certain price, we are responsible for the quality of the services provided (after all, constant professional development of our technicians is an integral part of the work). If you have any questions about how much it will cost to repair your device, contact us right now. Solo Appliance Repair for transparency and quality in service delivery.