The oven wants to live too

The oven wants to live too

The range of kitchen ovens has now reached its peak: the variety of models is off scale. First of all, they all differ in one very important criterion - the type of food. Both electric and gas ovens have their own pros and cons.

But any technique is equally susceptible to various malfunctions. True, for each of the types of ovens, they, of course, are different. Consider a situation where you find your oven malfunctioning. Where to begin?

The main reasons why the gas oven does not light are related to the burners. Less often - with a malfunction of the electric ignition, if any. It is simple to confirm the breakdown: when you turn on the oven, you hear a characteristic hissing - it means that everything is in order with the gas supply. Try lighting the burner with matches. If a flame appears, it means that the matter is still in the automatic ignition. But rotary switches - regulators could also become unusable. Because of them, there may be no gas at all, or it becomes difficult to set the burner power.

If your electric oven malfunctions, then the following measures to repair it are possible:

• Correct quality installation. Checking all communications and power supply.

• Replacement of a heating element or thermostat.

• Repair of the electronic board or complete replacement of the control module.

• Replacement of the convection fan.

Repairing a gas oven is different and implies:

• Cleaning nozzles, replacing solenoid valves or a burnt out thermocouple.

• Replacement of knobs or control buttons.

• Installation of a new ignition block.

• Proper installation of the device if gas leaks occur.

Many users sometimes provoke certain malfunctions themselves, which is why the equipment needs an early repair. Remember that most modern devices are equipped with safety shutdown systems. Although this cannot be considered a breakdown, the equipment will also not work for this reason.

How to prevent breakage

Nothing can help you better than using the oven correctly. You cannot even imagine how often failures occur precisely for this reason of incorrect operation.

Regular and timely maintenance of the electric and gas cabinet is also an important factor in preventing serious breakdowns. That is why we recommend that you do not neglect the periodic diagnostics of your household appliances.

But if the oven still stops working, we recommend contacting qualified specialists to avoid an unrecoverable situation.