Rules of using dishwashing machine

Rules of using dishwashing machine

Repairing household appliances is far from the most pleasant moment in everyday life.  In order to avoid damage to the dishwasher, you must adhere to some rules in its use, which we will tell you about today.

Be sure to use 5 detergents:

* Basic detergent. It can be in the form of a powder, tablet, or viscous gel. Other liquids will only harm the device.

* Rinse aid. It protects the dishes from the appearance of unpleasant streaks, fills them with aroma.

* Degreaser. It is necessary in order to remove fat deposits on machine parts.

* Regenerating salt. Used to soften water. Add it before the wash cycle.

* Anti-scale agent. Removes limescale, extends the life of the machine. Apply 2-4 times a year depending on the frequency of use.

How much to use? According to the instructions! Overdosing them won't make your dishes cleaner. But excessive savings, for example, of regenerating salt, will worsen not only the quality of the device's operation, but also significantly reduce the service life. The dishwasher uses hot water. Examine very carefully what material the cutlery, plates, glasses, which you are going to put into the sink are made of.

Washing is not recommended:

* Devices with elements of rusting steel, mother-of-pearl, tin, copper, wood.

* Antique plates, cups with heat-resistant coating.

* Glued dishes.

* Plastic utensils without appropriate marking.

* Towels, kitchen sponges.

How many dishes to load for optimal performance of the appliance? Try to fill the dishwasher to the maximum and use all clips, baskets and holders. And if after lunch there is no required number of plates, pots, spoons? Place the dirty lot in the tray. There she will wait for the next one and will not dry out a bit. Just close the door tightly.

Such easy manipulations with technology will significantly increase the lifespan of household appliances.

In case there is a problem, call us and we will help you fix it efficiently and quickly.