Buy new equipment or repair old ones: ancient wisdom in modern life

Buy new equipment or repair old ones: ancient wisdom in modern life

Buy new equipment or repair old ones: ancient wisdom in modern life

In modern life, you can easily find a replacement for almost any thing. Sometimes, it's easier to throw something out and buy a new one than to fix it.

The ancient wisdom of Tibet and Japan does not share this approach. The monks say (from Shuke Matsumoto's Zen Cleaning):

When you are attentive to things, repairing to make the thing live longer, this attitude extends to the people around you and to your inner state.

What if it is expensive to repair - it is more profitable to buy new equipment

The experience of our technicians (more than 10 years) shows that there are cases when the price of repairs is close to the cost of new equipment.

In modern refrigerators / washing machines, such a paradox is fortunately rare. But, there are still models where the owner may be faced with a choice to repair or buy a new thing.

This is a matter of reasonable approach and economy. But it should be remembered that the probability of repairing more model mills is much higher and makes more sense than troubleshooting a completely new device (since most often the main problem may lie in factory errors).

Rate the PROS and CONS of buying new equipment

Call the wizard for diagnostics. An experienced expert will carefully examine the breakdown, calculate the cost of repairs and spare parts.

Difficult renovation? Can you buy new equipment for the repair cost?

Don't be in a hurry. Our masters will help you assess the extent of the damage, ask the necessary questions and make an assessment of the repair personally for your case. Indeed, sometimes the breakdown is not so critical and professional assistance significantly minimizes possible losses.

In the age of technology and their rapid development, it is possible to fix almost everything. Stay with Solo Appliance Repair and your appliances will serve you for years to come, protecting you from routine problems.